Vital things to know before buying an engagement ring for your beloved


Did you just to plan to propose about your love to your beloved? Whether you blame it on the mistletoe or on the family get-togethers or the champagne, there’s no secret that the holiday season is perhaps time to pop up the discussion of your beloved and your amorous pursuits. If you’re one of those thousands who are planning for a proposal in the near future, don’t just rush to the jeweller’s shop in order to get an engagement ring. There are some vital and important facts that you need to know before buying the best and the most credible engagement ring. Check out the facts that you should take into account.


  1. Don’t go for the solitaire: There are multiple ways of wearing a carat of diamond on your fingers. A ring with a classic solitaire will be of too much weight and this will usually cost you thousands of dollars. But instead of getting a solitaire if you take the decision of getting a band that is covered with simple small diamonds, it might add up to just something under 1 carat and can cost you 90% less than just a ring with a center stone.
  2. Compare and contrast the settings: The way in which a diamond has been framed can have a huge impact on the way it looks. For instance, if the metal that wraps around the stone is a pretty thin one, it gives the impression that the stone is large in size. These are some tricks that you should keep in mind before shopping.
  3. Ask for a certification: A diamond of one carat or more should always come with a report which is the evaluation of a gemologist of the color of the stone, the clarity of the stone that ranges from flawless to slight inclusions. Unless you check this certification or report, you shouldn’t opt for diamonds. So, before getting rings for her, always ensure checking the certification of the diamond.
  4. Know how to recognize metals: Gold and platinum are two of the topmost choices for the engagement rings. Platinum will cost you nearly $600 and most brides are of the opinion that the price is worth it. The platinum prongs usually hold the stone more securely than the gold ones. As for the color and beauty, there are some people who believe that the yellow metal casts a splendid light on diamond which enhances its warmth and look.
  5. Save more by getting a smaller stone: Most of the couples prefer diamonds in whole carat weights but did you know that the jewellers charge a premium cost for them? Hence, if you opt for a gem which is just under a carat, the savings can add up soon. The difference in size is so nominal that you won’t even notice.

Hence, if you’re about to get a diamond engagement ring for her, take into account the above mentioned things. For all other fashion rings, you can try out Trollbeads as they don an exquisite collection of rings for her.

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