Stay at Home Stag Do Ideas


Whilst us girls are dreaming about what our perfect wedding day is going to look like and how we are going to get properly planned for that special day, the boys are concentrating on how to spend their ‘epic’ stag do. Stag and hen parties have gotten little out of control in recent years with some people jetting off for days on end to celebrate their last period of ‘freedom’ but I have to give it to my new husband, he did things in a great way. It was his idea to just surround himself with his friends, rent a big country house and spend 4 days there getting up to high jinks. Both he and the boys loved it and here is how they spent their time.


Sport Planning


In the build up to the big stag do the boys meticulously planned their weekend to coincide with a great sporting weekend, which meant that there was football, golf, UFC and rugby to get their teeth into. The boys would play games for each match or event they watched and of course, they would all have a bet at the bookies. I told them to try this site out as my manager from work was talking about how great Novibet was, the boys seemed to agree.




One of the funniest tales that I heard from the weekend was that the best man Steve had decided to create his very own Stag Olympics which would run over the course of two days, I only heard about half of the ‘sports’ which were involved, and honestly it sounds like a real laugh. There were typical sports day type events, only with alcohol and forfeits involved, one of which turned my then fiancé into a semi-nude butler for the following hour! This is a great idea especially as it brings together the whole group, really important given that normally not everyone knows everyone else.


Outdoor Pursuits


You can’t very well stay in a house for four days straight so this is why the best man also arranged some outdoors adventures for the boys, thankfully this was planned with a proper guide, rather than the boys simply trying to have some fun in the nearby river. They did a raft building session on the second morning which sounded a right hoot, and then on the second day they did some treasure hunt which involved them having to build things and wade through swamps. The boys loved this too and it helped to break up the weekend.


The key to this stag do, at least by the sounds of it, was that the boys planned it really well, completely unlike them admittedly. They stocked up on plenty of food and booze, they planned their events well and the house they stayed in was fully equipped with a pool and fusbal table, to keep the entertainment going. For what you’d spend on a weekend away to Amsterdam or somewhere like that, you can have an epic 4 day break and stay in a cool place, a great idea.

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