Nail care Tips and Tricks You Probably Haven’t Tried


Let’s all be honestL even if we don’t exactly say it out loud, most if not all of us judge other people based on their nails. We totally get you! In fact, several researches suggest that nails are among the first few things we notice whenever we interact with people. Whether it’s a job interview, meeting a new friend or a first date – how those hands look ultimately contributes to making a lasting impression. 


That said, nail care tips and tricks really do come in handy! Unlike other parts of your body like your hair or your face where most of your spending on products go, it’s highly unlikely that your nails are not getting as much attention as they should be. We did some snooping around on some online magazines for women, nail care product reviews from beauty gurus and more. 


Here’s some nail care advice to incorporate into you nail care routine: 


Grow them with Olive Oil 


Some of us like our nails really short. Others want an edgier look – hence, the preference for long nails. If you’re the type who falls under the latter, here’s a tip to quickly grow your nails longer and healthier. 


Soak your nails in warm olive oil for about 15 to 20 minutes at night, before going to bed. By doing this, you are providing moisture for your nails. The heat, on the other hand, makes the nutrients much easier to absorb. Make sure to massage it even further to make sure everything is fully absorbed. 


Use Ice Water To Dry Them Real Quick 


Don’t you hate those 20 to 30 minutes where you can’t do anything because your nails aren’t dry yet? Everyone wants their nails to dry up as quickly as possible. We’ve got just the solution. Grab a cup filled with ice water. Soak those fingers in for about three minutes. Just like that, you’re done and you’re good to go. This one is probably our favourite nail care advice on this list. 


Whiten ‘Em


It can’t be helped. Sometimes, using dark shades for your polish leaves some weird dark pigment on your nails even days after you remove them. The good news is that you can easily use this trick in your nail care routine to whiten those nails in no time. Just dip those nails in a solution that consists of hot water, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Additionally, you can also try using whitening toothpaste for this hack. 


Use Multiple Thin Coats 


The goal is always to get smooth and seamless color on your nails. Instead of putting a thick and heavy coat at once, try applying multiple thin coats instead. With this technique, it’s so much easier to avoid smudging or weird bulges on your nails – usually caused by overdoing the layers of your nail polish. 


Lock In That Color with Oil Spray 


Unless you’re willing to spend on gel manicure, it would be inevitable to worry about the color chipping off way too fast. One way to lock in that color is by spraying some oil spray on those nails. It might feel weird for a couple of minutes but trust us, the result is worth the slightly icky oily feeling!

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