Is Planning A Large Wedding Too Much?


Marriage is an important part of most peoples’ lives, and when the magical wedding day finally arrives, nobody wants anything less than the perfect experience.

Unfortunately, weddings are often plagued by misfortune, and can cause huge amounts of stress to everyone involved, especially the bride. It’s not necessarily so much that weddings are cursed, but that rather that months and months of planning go in to one, single day, and any mishap is that much worse.

Much like playing at an online gambling casino, having a big wedding can sometimes be a gamble; especially when so much can go wrong. The more guests invited, the more food there needs to be; the bigger the venue, the better the sound.

The more expensive the dress, the more important it is that nothing damages it. There is an endless list of things that can go wrong, and there’s no doubt that a day that’s meant to be perfect can quickly turn into the perfect nightmare.

Before you renounce weddings in general, there is a better option: small weddings. Easier to plan, less can go wrong, and it can mean a more private affair that only you and your most loved ones can attend. Plus, it leaves the couple with more money for other things like home improvements and an extended honeymoon. With that in mind, here are some reasons to have a small wedding.

1. A Small Attendance

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to share your special day with the entire family as well as all your friends, but the more people that come along, the more it’s going to cost you.

Not only that, but many families don’t tend to get along well, and fighting is almost certain to ensue, especially if there is alcohol in the mix.

2. Unique Wedding Venue

When you’re throwing a wedding for 200+ people, it’s necessary that they all have somewhere to sit. This immediately forces you to find a venue that can accommodate the number of guests, which can severely limit your options.

With a few chosen guests, you can instead get married at any venue of your choice.

3. Savings

Big weddings are expensive affairs, and some feel that they would rather save the money for their future home or family, or even for a more luxurious honeymoon in somewhere like Europe.

While a small wedding means you spend much less, it doesn’t mean the day needs to be any less memorable or special.

4. A More Intimate Affair

Sometimes, during planning a huge wedding, we forget that the day is meant to be focused on the bride and groom.

It’s their day, and it’s important that they have all the attention on them, especially during the ceremony.

A smaller wedding provides a more personal, intimate atmosphere that keeps the focus on what’s important, and lets everyone attending have some interaction with the two newly weds.

5. A Laid-Back Pace

One of the most common complaints of big weddings is how quickly they go by.

With the ceremony, the photographs, the reception, and seeing the hundreds of guests, it can be next to impossible for the bride and groom to stop and take a moment for themselves, and the timeline may be very structured.

A smaller wedding promises a slower pace, a more relaxed environment, and enough time for everyone to stop and enjoy what’s going on.

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