How to get the perfect gift for a teenager


We all know how challenging getting a present for a teenager can be. Adolescents go through a lot of changes while growing up, and that’s why it might be a good idea to go for something a tad more useful than opting for the latest and trendiest gadget. Who knows if the gift recipient won’t grow out of using that particular device?

With that in mind, it goes without saying that the perfect present for someone in his or her teenage years is the one that best suits his or her preferences and requirements. Consider the person’s passions before anything else.

We have come up with a list of several suggestions that we thought you might find useful.

If you’re going for ‘cool,’ don’t choose expensive presents

One of the best things about the technological advances of our days is that many gadgets have become cheap and virtually anyone can afford them. Teenagers are among the biggest Instagram users, so we would recommend a smartphone lens kit if you know that the individual you want to impress likes to take pictures.

Even a cheap pair of jeans or nice shoes can a score high. Besides, selecting a gift card from Amazon or Apple is the safest way of going about things, as this way, the teenager will be able to pick anything they might want.

However, if you want to get a nice gift for a girl and you’re planning to buy makeup, we wouldn’t recommend choosing cheap products. These might affect the teenager’s skin and might make his or her acne more severe if the gift recipient has this problem.

Electronics still make great gifts

Most teenagers love music, so buying a quality pair of headphones is an excellent choice. Many cool gifts for teenage guys involve picking something in the lines of audio equipment, such as a Bluetooth speaker that’s also waterproof and that can even be used in the shower.

For hipsters, we recommend things like Audio Technica’s latest turntable. You can also opt for a vintage record player, but given that getting records nowadays can be downright challenging, that gift might go unused.

Other items in terms of electronics that teenagers might appreciate range from instant photo cameras to video drones. Some of these drones are even equipped with high-res cameras that enable them to capture quality video and stills.

Score high with personalized presents

If you know for sure that one of the teenager’s favorite bands is The Ramones, you could simply buy a t-shirt with the band. This was just an example, of course, as you can apply the same rule for every musician and even in those cases where the adolescent tends to use the same expression day in day out, and you want to print it on a shirt.

If possible, keep your ears open to find out more about the gift recipient’s favorite pastimes. You wouldn’t believe the amount of information you can extract from a casual conversation, such as the fact that they would really like to own and use a GoPro camera when they go out cycling.

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