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This explains the tradition of flower giving for wedding anniversaries and suggests which gift of silk flowers would be suitable for significant anniversary dates.

Did you know that wedding anniversaries each have a particular flower corresponding to the number of years you have been married? Historians are not really sure when the tradition began, but it is rather a lovely addition to the ‘paper, cotton and wood’ gifts and give a real lift to the day. Whilst it’s lovely to receive fresh flowers, for some landmark anniversaries consider buying silk. Silk flowers have the advantage of lasting forever, so that your loved one can look back on each year with fondness and remember their anniversary all over again. Here is a list of some of the most common wedding anniversary flowers and some ideas for beautiful gifts.

First Wedding Anniversary
The pansy is the traditional flower given on a first anniversary and what could be sweeter? The innocence of the young couple is represented by this shy flower, which although widespread in summer, is harder to find at any other time and almost impossible to present as a cut flower gift. This is where silk flowers are ideal and by shopping at a quality specialist retailer you will be able to find adorable silk pansy posies, mixed with ivy, to provide a wonderful memento of the occasion.

Tenth Wedding Anniversary
It’s a flower to signify springtime for the tenth anniversary, the time of renewal and birth. Daffodils are always a welcome sight, shooting up through the late frosts to give us hope. They always raise a smile. A good florist can put you together a bouquet of Spring flowers if they are in season, but if they’re not then artificial flowers in arrangements can be made to order. Try mixing them with sharp red tulips to represent passion and offset the whole bouquet with bluebells.

Twenty-Fifth Wedding Anniversary
The Silver Anniversary is very special and along with treasured silver there is a beautiful, regal flower to grace the occasion. Irises make a huge impact in an arrangement. En masse they are stunning. Silk versions in a bouquet are best highlighted with deep red.

Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary
The Gold Wedding Anniversary is often a big, bold celebration and one that demands a flower to match the precious metal it is accompanying. The yellow rose is traditional, signifying the gold and there is nothing more beautiful either naturally or in silk. Go for a big arrangement, with little other than foliage to enhance the appearance. Some like a bright yellow and others opt for a buttery cream, which could be arranged with some white Gypsophilia for a luxury feel. Again, you could copy a fresh arrangement with silk flowers, which the florist could arrange at the same time as a fresh bouquet.

Artificial flowers provide a permanent reminder of what should be a very special time and on the Diamond Anniversary, all the silk bouquets ever given can be collected together to represent the passing of time.

Katie Pettigrew owns a florist shop, but also sells a wide range of wedding and anniversary silk flowers, which have proved extremely popular. She writes for lifestyle magazines and websites includingĀ GT Decorations, about flowers and wedding traditions.

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