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5 Hottest Wedding Trends

Ever since Pinterest has taken off, weddings have been easier to plan and organize due to different ideas, and the simplicity of the information offered on the internet. Its also easy to see that there are some trends out there that can be very easily doable if you follow the how-to’s and DIY’s offered on Pinterest. Lets look at the 5 hottest wedding trends today that might not be quite as difficult to accomplish as you think.

The Vintage

This one is a pretty obvious one. If you have not heard about it, you should check the internet sometime. The trend has been going on for some time now, and is still going! It might have something to do with The Notebook and women everywhere wishing that their husbands were Ryan Gosling. Lets be honest ladies, you do.

The Rustic

Barn weddings, branches with no leaves, lanterns, natural decor, and everything in between is what makes a rustic wedding probably the most affordable type of gathering you could throw. This is one of the most attractive options simply because of the lack of funds you need to create this. Dont spend thousands on a new “rustic-style” table. Instead, find actual OLD tables and go to town with some lighting to make it look fancy!

The Fancy

We’re talking high-roller now. This is probably something you wanna skip by if budget is an issue. Most of this theme requires you hiring plenty of workers and wedding planners and even decorators. Unless you happen to be those things, this could cost you a fortune. With all that being said, this is probably the most flashiest and high-end wedding trend thats going on right now.

The Fairy Tale

You can thank Disney for this one, all you father of the brides. Not so much the best bang for your buck, but still an absolutely amazing and high-end themed wedding. Again, requires a ton of work and resources, but the turn out will be absolutely astonishing.

The Strangely Romantic

This one gets the award for the most creative. Its easy to find something on Pinterest and say “Lets do that!”. While this theme isn’t really a theme by its self, its more of a collection of thinking. As you will notice below in the pictures, you will start to notice that there isn’t really one picture that goes with the next. The only difference is… that they are just that, different. This theme is for those couples who are just different, desire to communicate that through their big day.

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