3 pets that might not make the best gifts for kids


If you have been thinking of adopting a new pet and you’re thinking of getting one specifically for children, we are here to give you a hand when it comes to selecting the right species. Cats and dogs are somewhat harder to care for compared to other species, and that’s mostly because they need a bit of effort in the way of cleaning, maintenance, as well as ensuring that they are adequately fed and entertained.

Several good options, if you’re searching for a good animal for your family, would be gerbils, hamsters, pet fish, as well as turtles and others that require little to no effort. The smaller the pet, the less likely you are to have to ensure it a big enclosure and find it hard to meet its requirements.

What about chinchillas?

There are several reasons you might want to steer clear of this species, and the most significant one is that it’s not the easiest to manage. These animals are crepuscular, so the only moments over the course of the day when they are active are at dusk and dawn. Besides, they have specific needs in terms of feeding.

While wild chinchillas feed on anything from small insects to fruit, your domesticated one will have to receive seedless fruit and only a minor extra of seeds and nuts, on occasion. On top of everything, you need to make sure that the enclosure is both broad and tall enough to provide the necessary comfort to the animal. Sure, there are many such models developed specifically for chinchillas, but some might just be too small.

Furthermore, since this animal doesn’t go out of its way to be sociable with humans, it might not interact appropriately with children. There have been few cases where this type of pet has become aggressive and has bitten its handler.

Pet reptiles

We’ve already noted that turtles make a good choice because they’re easy to take care of. However, one thing you might want to steer clear of is a pet chameleon, snakes, or iguanas. First off, most reptiles carry bacteria that are potentially pathogenic to humans. With a chameleon or a bearded dragon, the chances of you interacting with the animal are slim.

Pet snakes can be downright dangerous, especially if they are constrictors and you aren’t experienced when it comes to handling them. There have been cases where even highly skilled snake owners have been killed by accident by these critters.

Do pet rats make good pets?

Yes and no. It is mandatory for you to make sure that the pet rat you’re looking to adopt has been trained. If it has not, you should not bring it to your household. Why is that? Well, the problem with pet rats is that they can turn violent very quickly, especially if they are not accustomed to humans.

The last thing you might want to do is have to take your children to the doctor’s because they were bitten by a rat.

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