3 kitchen utensils to prepare the perfect salad


Even though many people tend to think that salads are boring, they don’t have to be. What’s more, they are usually packed with precious nutrients like vitamins and minerals, and if you add nuts and seeds, they can even have healthy fats.

Whenever the cold season comes around, most of us are tempted to eat things like soups and stews because they keep us warm. However, once in a while, it is a good idea to make a salad. Plus, the neat thing about this type of food is that it takes little to no time to prepare. All you need really need is a quality cutting board and an affordable kitchen knife that actually cuts through veggies and other ingredients.

Because technology has changed the way we live, the gadgets that you might want to use in the kitchen nowadays have also evolved. To make a simple salad, you can use loads of devices and gimmicks that weren’t popular a decade ago. Even oil dispensers have become more complex and eye-catching nowadays. And let’s face it, they definitely look better than the typical olive oil bottle that you can buy from any store.

If you want to change your salad-making game, we suggest you have a look at the following utensils and gadgets that can help you save time and make your life a whole lot easier.


The best thing about the current market is that it holds a plethora of cutters and slicers developed for people who like their greens, and not only. You can come across anything ranging from onion choppers to avocado and egg slicers.

In most cases, all you have to do with these gadgets is push a button or press a lever, and you’ll have your veggies chopped or sliced in a matter of just a couple of seconds. These time-saving gadgets can make all the difference if you are in a hurry or if you want to prepare a delicious and healthy lunch for work in as little time and with as little effort as possible.


If you don’t want your salads to be boring, chances are you’re not looking to chop all of the ingredients in the same way. Manual spiralizers are great for folks who add a bit of carrot or zucchini to their salads. With these types of products, you’ll basically make veggie noodles out of everything. Plus, they can even be used to slice rougher veggies like red cabbage.

Salad spinners

Of all of the utensils we’ve mentioned in our selection, a salad spinner seems to be the most useful one. Why’s that? The fact of the matter is that most veggies become wilted when there’s a too high water amount in the container where they are stored.

Since you are likely to wash all of your ingredients, it’s pretty much inevitable for a bit of water to remain on them. A salad spinner can help get rid of that moisture and as such, can assist you in making unwilted salads for the days to come. All you have to do is avoid adding salt and store them in an airtight and dry container.

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