Celebrities Tout Extra Support After Pregnancy

waistThe term “waist training” has set the celebrity world abuzz these days. Many women are outspoken in their love for corsets or belly-binding garments and wear them every day. Other ladies are touting trainers’ efficacy in helping them regain their svelte figures after pregnancy. Regardless of your reasons for choosing this particular type of shapewear, there are benefits to be had. The Concept During pregnancy, women’s bodies go through a great many transformations. As a result, it can Read more [...]

Love Your Look: Makeup Secrets You Never Knew

How-to-Apply-MakeupMany women work hard to perfect their makeup routine in order to get the final results they want. It can take years of practice to learn all the tricks, or you can use some of our cheats to get there faster. Take a look at these makeup methods that can help you up your game.  Be Strategic When it comes to applying makeup, you want to accentuate the positive and minimize the rest. This can be achieved with the strategic uses of shading and highlighting to provide the look of contouring just Read more [...]

Must Have Jewelry Trends For Men And Women

download (6)Jewelry isn’t just for women, and watches aren’t the only accessory a casual male can wear. Sure, guys that spend a lot of time in a suit and tie may wear cufflinks or a tie pin, but casual guys can accessorize as well. There are also some great jewelry trends right now for women that will have you standing out in the crowd. Whether you are shopping for the guy in your life, or you need some updates yourself, here are three must have jewelry trends for guys and three for women that you’ll Read more [...]

New Technology for Healthy Looking Skin

dermatologywoman_miniIf you think about all the things that your skin is exposed to throughout the day, it should be no surprise to anyone that keeping it healthy can seem like an impossible task. It’s exposed to just about anything that Mother Nature can come up with – from extreme heat to bitter cold. Dirt, grime, and even insects can damage your skin. There’s nothing you can do to prevent these types of situations, but there are things you can do to recover from anything this world can throw at it. You just Read more [...]

Love the Outdoors? Here’s How to Show It with Your Style

davMany people love the great outdoors, and they enjoy spending time outside, whether it means jogging or doing yoga outside or going for a hike with a group of friends and having a picnic at the top of a mountain. But if you want to really show off your love of the great outdoors, how can you do it without saying a word? Well, you can do it through your fashion choices. Continue reading for a few simple yet stylish ways to show off your love of the outdoors with your wardrobe. Photo by David Read more [...]

Planning A Glamorous Night On The Town

Draped Strapless Sweetheart Empire Little Black Dress For JuniorEvery woman needs an occasional night on the town. It helps to get out there and unwind and have some fun. In order to have a great and glamorous time out you need to take a few steps in order to get ready.   This isn’t about just going to the bar though. This is a ladies night of dancing, dinner and just plain fun. Just put your glamorous self out there and having a night where it’s all about you.   Looking The Part   This glamorous night out just may be the excuse you need Read more [...]