4 Benefits of an Outdoor Wedding

eventsstyle.com_25992Choosing the location, or venue, of your wedding can be a huge task. You will want to consider things like what kind of dress you want to wear, the wedding colors, and the guest list. Many people have an image in their head of how their wedding day should look. Try to match your dream image as much as possible to avoid disappointment. Ideally, you will only get married once, so you want it to be perfect. Many couples envision getting married outside; included here are a few of the benefits of that Read more [...]

How Much Should You Actually Spend on an Engagement Ring?

How-To-Spend-Less-With-Quality-Engagement-RingsEverybody has heard the advice to spend 3-6 months’ wages on an engagement ring. I mean, that’s a nice idea and all, but I don’t know what I’m supposed to live on during those 3 to 6 months. This also doesn’t account for what kind of job you have. What if you make $100k per year. Do you spend $50,000 on your engagement ring?! This sounds ridiculous. And that’s because it is. Today, in 2015, we have different ideas about symbols like rings. We understand that diamond merchants have successfully Read more [...]

Make a Fashion Statement in 2015 Cyndi Lauper Style with that Classic Vintage Look

vintage-lookMany of you may be too young to remember when Cyndi Lauper hit the music scene with “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” but what most fashion aficionados remember most is her passion for vintage clothing. Even in her debut MTV video, Cyndi donned clothing repurposed from second-hand vintage shops in New York City and thus began a trend that has been re-trending ever since. Photo by Lucas Jork If you want to make a fashion statement today in 2015, it might do you well to take a good look at what Read more [...]

Summer Engagement Style Tips

Amanda_Barrett_Lindsey_Thorne_Photography_122329_IMG6765_lowSummer season means festivity in the sun, but a summer engagement is no fun if it isn’t style appropriate. The décor and event planning is executed easily, but the trickiest part is to dress up in a way that lets you beat the heat while looking incredible. If you’re looking to break stereotypes about a bride-to-be’s dressing in 2015, here are some tips to look like a breath of fresh air on your summer engagement day: Choose a Short, Baggy Silhouette Don’t confuse this with the beachy Read more [...]

Sparkling Engagement Celebration Ideas for Modern Couples

engagement_party_carnival_05With so much attention focused on the wedding day, modern couples lose sight of the actual time leading up to that special day. The fact is the months of engagement deserve attention and detail as well. While planning for the wedding is a must, don’t lose sight of what’s truly special - the relationship. Just like the wedding day, your time of engagement is something you can never get back and should be cherished. Therefore, take note of the following ways to relish the days leading up to the Read more [...]

Fashionable interior design ideas for 2015

charming-outoftheordinary-contemporary-minimalist-fashion-shop-interior-design-maison-saad-by-mila-strauss-arquitetura-jpgIf you are interested in the latest fashions on the catwalks, chances are you also like to keep up with home interior trends, too. The worlds of fashion and home design often collide, frequently share, and always compete with each other for our attention. We get early clues about the direction the fashion world is heading with the seasonal runway shows – but what can we expect to feature in interiors over the next year? Perfect pattern Say goodbye to big, blocky color in interiors and hello to Read more [...]