Reasons to Consider Owning a Charm Bracelet

il_570xN.377064305_if2qCharm bracelets are all the rage, but should you consider investing in one? Is this style of jewellery right for you? Charm bracelets are a style of bracelet that allows you to add many different charms, from dangling baubles to glass beads to silver shaped charms and much more. There are many different styles of charm bracelets, including ones made with leather, silver, gold and platinum. When it comes to deciding whether or not you should own a charm bracelet, there are a lot of things to keep Read more [...]

Vital things to know before buying an engagement ring for your beloved

engagement-ring-fingersDid you just to plan to propose about your love to your beloved? Whether you blame it on the mistletoe or on the family get-togethers or the champagne, there’s no secret that the holiday season is perhaps time to pop up the discussion of your beloved and your amorous pursuits. If you’re one of those thousands who are planning for a proposal in the near future, don’t just rush to the jeweller’s shop in order to get an engagement ring. There are some vital and important facts that you need Read more [...]

The evolving perceptions of beauty

Professional makeup artist and hairdresser are preparing a fashion model. Portrait of beautiful blonde girl with blue eyes.
Isolated on white background Copy and paste this code to share this on your site! <a href=""><img src="" alt="The Perfect Body?" width=600/><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p></a> </p><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p> Read more [...]

How to Book the Best Tours and Vacation Packages

Couple holding hands and running on beachA lot of people feel stressed because they have so many responsibilities in terms of work, home, family and more. Being overwhelmed by stress is dangerous to overall health. This is why, if you start to feel like that, it is time for a vacation. On vacation, you can unwind, relax and just forget about all those worries for a while, concentrating on nothing but having fun. However, planning a vacation can be quite stressful as well. You can take away quite a bit of this stress, however, by booking Read more [...]

The Easiest – and Best – Way to Select a Venue for Your Wedding

28Your wedding is perhaps one of the most important days of your life, and planning it will undoubtedly put a lot of pressure on you. But if you want your wedding to go perfectly, one of the very first things you should do is choose a venue. Needless to say, choosing the right venue can be a task fraught with difficulties and challenges. You have many considerations to think about, including the venue’s location and accessibility, the number of guests it can accommodate, and the like. But if you Read more [...]

Who Should You Make Part of Your Bridal Beauty Plan?

bride-beauty-shotWhen you're getting married, of course you want to look your best. That includes choosing a dress that makes you feel beautiful and confident, along with accessories to complement it, but you're not done there. Your bridal beauty plan will include your hair, skin care, makeup and nails to give you a polished look from head to toe on this important day. While you can choose to primp and prep yourself for your big day, hiring professional beauty experts to do the job can supply you with top industry Read more [...]