Ridiculously Amazing Diamond Heists Gone Terribly Wrong

11 Image by: colorblindPICASO Almost as curious as the human obsession which drives up the value of diamonds, are the heists themselves which aim to liberate the priceless gems from their glass cases. People kill, rob, and steal to acquire them, corrupt governments capitalize on them, companies like De Beers cloak them in sentimentality, and women lust after them like a totem in a dizzying day dream. Every robbery has its winners and losers, perhaps the most compelling theatre to arise from Read more [...]

5 reasons why you should set aside a budget for entertainment by a live wedding band

wedding_bandsPlanning a wedding comes with a lot of excitement and stress. Proper planning and budgeting can lead to a stress free and wonderful wedding. However, often couples do not fully consider entertainment options. They fail to plan ahead of time and then end up with entertainment for their wedding that they are not happy with. That is why it is imperative to set aside money in the wedding budget for a live wedding band. Here are five reasons why you should hire a live wedding band for your wedding. Live Read more [...]

Why making new friends is a bit like dating!

secrets-of-making-new-friends-in-london~39___SelectedYou wait anxiously in the coffee shop and you’ve already bought your drink because it would look a little odd to be sitting there with nothing to do. You check the time on your phone; they’re running late and they haven’t texted to explain why. As you wonder if they’re coming or not you hear the bell jingle on the door and look over, breathing a sigh of relief as they walk through and greet you with a smile. You met at your kids’ playgroup and, over your love of Great British Bake Off, Read more [...]

Five Tips for Planning a Winter Wedding

gateway_redirectSummer weddings are always popular, but if the thought of getting married on a cold, crisp day appeals, a winter wedding could be perfect for you. Imagine how beautiful it would be to have your wedding photos taken against a backdrop of frost and snow-clad trees – the day would be truly magical. But as wonderful as this probably sounds, there are a few things to think about when organising a winter wedding, so here is a winter wedding planning guide to keep you on the straight and narrow. Winter Read more [...]

Time to invest in a classic watch

michael-kors-dameurIt has long been said that bricks and mortar is the best way to invest your money, but with so many currently struggling to get on the property ladder, and interest rates at an historic low, there could be another way to take that first step. A timely investment Jewellery has been a sound investment in the past, although over the past two years, gold has seen some difficulty, even negative returns for investors. This means would-be investors are looking in another direction, and many are finding Read more [...]

The Top Celebrity Glasses

top-10-designer-celebrity-sunglassesEver wondered what the rich and famous wear on their face? I have. I love sunglasses any way and so I always take note of who is wearing what. It’s interesting to see the various stars taste in eye wear as it might inspire you to pick up a pair. Sunglasses complement most outfits and so if you want that fresh, summer look; look no further than this article. Let me inspire you. Liv Tyler Ol’ Liv’s been a little quiet since her mega hits: Armageddon and The Lord of the Rings, but she stills Read more [...]